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Practical empowering training in public speaking skills
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The key to improving your communication skills


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“We want you to become the best version of yourself

when you are communicating so that every time you make a speech

you move, educate and delight your audience.”


Effective public speaking is a skill, not a talent. To develop any skill, you need to know the techniques. Once you know the techniques, you need to practice.


OuR workshops are practical, dynamic and really good fun! We create a positive environment where you are able to develop your skills and overcome your insecurities. 


By the end of the program you will know how to communicate confidently and persuasively in any professional environment. 


A typical course is delivered over four consecutive weeks with sessions of two hours of live class. Time passes very quickly when you are learning and having fun! 


The sessions are live and interactive, and they are delivered by Sam Gratton.


Every participant gets access to a page where the materials and theory videos will be accessible during the course. Materials and theory will be provided on an ongoing basis.


Challenges are set between the sessions, including the filming of short videos. During the live session we will share, analyse and evaluate each speech.


You can book a workshop exclusively for your COMPANY.


The minimum size of each group is 10 people and the workshop is fully customisable!


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