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Public Speaking workshops

Practical training in public speaking skills
ONLINE Workshops available now

“We want you to become the best version of yourself

when you are communicating so that every time you make a speech

you move, educate and delight your audience.”


Effective public speaking is a skill not a talent. To develop any skill, you need to know the techniques. Once you know the techniques you need to practice.


Our online workshops are practical, dynamic and really good fun! We create a positive environment where you develop your skills and overcome your insecurities. 


By the end of the program you will know how to communicate confidently and persuasively in any professional environment. 


The course is delivered over four consecutive weeks with sessions of up to two hours each. Time passes very quickly when you are learning and having fun! 


The sessions are live and interactive and delivered by Sam Gratton over the ZOOM platform.


Materials are provided on an ongoing basis, including all the essential theory as well as exercise sheets.


Challenges are set between the sessions, including the filming of short videos.


You can sign up as an individual and join a group of other motivated professionals. Or you can book a workshop exclusively for your company.


The size of the group is 8 to 12 people. 


The price is €275 per person


We also offer customized solutions for companies. Please contact us directly for a proposal. 


Conferences and keynote speaking

Interactive presentations on a range of topics​   


​If you are organising a special event or conference and you need a speaker to educate, inspire and motivate your audience.

If you want a speech that is relevant to your audience but at the same time unique and visionary.

If you need a speech that leaves your clients, colleagues or employees with a big smile on their face.

Sam Gratton is your man!


​Sam's keynote speeches are designed to appeal to mind, body and soul, to engage at an intellectual and an emotional level. They are dynamic and interactive and will have the audience on the edge of their seats (and sometimes out of their seats and moving around the room). And the content is always customised to the event in question.

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