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DAY 2 - Before the live session


Please watch the video at least once before our second class.


Now you have watched the video you can start preparing for your second task.

"Convince us to..."

This is an act of persuasion. You have to convince us to watch your favourite film, read your favourite book or visit your favourite museum.

Use what you have learned in the first session regarding logos, pathos and ethos.

Also try to "invent"
 and "arrange" your speech in the ways suggested in the above video.

To execute this task we would like you to film yourself using your smartphone. The video should be a maximum of one and half minutes in duration. Be careful with the image, the light and the sound. Do as many takes as you need until you are happy.

When you are ready, send the video to

If we receive it 24 hours before the next session you will score 3 points for your team!
Good luck!

See you soon!

We are here to help if you have any questions or need assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.