28th and 29th of April

STEP 1: Webinar

Listen to the video and do the exercises with Sam. Say the sentences out loud to practice your speaking skills and fix the learning points.

STEP 2: Materials

Go through the theory and the exercises to reinforce your learning. When you do the exercises, say the sentences out loud to make the process more efficient and gain fluidity.

STEP 3: Reading

Read the chapter of The Adventures of Ana Badiola. The novel integrates all the learning points and vocabulary from the lesson so that you can see everything in context. After you read the text answer the comprehension questions. Listen to the AudioBook recording to check pronunciation and for an extra listening practice.

The Adventures of Ana Badiola

Reading chapter + title


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STEP 4: Progress Test

Once you are ready, take the test. Make sure you read the questions carefully and you check your answers before submitting. Good Luck!

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